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Broken Paths – Short Film 2015: Yaya Studios
OnStar Oculus Rift Experience 2015: LCE, OnStar, GM

Box Mi Up: Gamerslook
Navy Oculus Rift: Lowe Campbell Ewald, Oculus, U.S.Navy
HFHS 5-2-1-0 Kids: Henry Ford Health Systems, Pixo Ent.
Warrior Sports App: Warrior Sports, Pixo Ent.
Ramayan Motion Comic: Graphic India, Pixo Ent.
Infinity Drop: MSU Capstone (Project Manager)
Attack of the Oranges: Minute Maid, Campbell Ewald, Pixo Ent.

Stan Lee’s – Chakra: The Invinsible: Stan Lee, Pow Entertainment, Graphic India, Pixo Ent.
Grant Morrison’s – 18 Days Motion Comic: Graphic India, Grant Morrison, YouTube, Pixo Ent.
Blue Goji Platform Games: iOS, Android, Blue Goji Platform, Pixo Entertainment
Americas Navy: U.S Navy, Pixo Entertainment
Don Cheto Animated Series: Electus, Nuevon, Youtube, Don Cheto
Ford Connect: iOS, Pixo Entertainment, Ford Motor Company
Freaky Deaky Flashback: iOS, Pixo Entertainment, Freaky Deaky Film LLC
Navy Sea Perch: iOS, Pixo Entertainment, U.S. Navy, Cambell & Ewald

Buick Wired: iOS, Pixo Entertainment, Buick Motor Company, Wired Magazine
U.S. Navy STEM App: U.S. Navy, Campbell & Ewald
Gamekeeper Motion Comic: Liquid Comics, Yahoo!
Lisa Frank Zoom N’ Color/ Pic N’ Share: iOS and Android, Lisa Frank
Amoebas Attack: iOS and Android , Tapjoy
Graphic Elvis: iOS and Android, Elvis Estate
Silver Scorpion Motion Comic: Liquid Comics, Hulu, MTV
MyCharge/PowerBag Commerical: HoMedics

Gaslight: iOS , Android and Facebook, Tapjoy
Zorro: Shadow of Vengance: iOS and Android
Judy Moody: iOS and Android,
7 Brothers Motion Comic: Hulu, Liquid Comics, John Woo/ Tiger Hill, Machinima